Income Tax Guide

Understanding Income Tax in Independent India

Income tax refers to the tax levied by the government for the aim of funding its numerous operations. There square measure2 kinds of taxes, direct and indirect. Whereas tax may be a taxation, VAT, service tax, excise and also the latest one to subsume of these taxes product and Services Tax (GST) square measure all indirect taxes. Apart from funding the activities of the government, taxes additionally act as a commercial enterprise stabilizer that aid in distributing wealth equally among the population. Moreover, taxes square measure instrumental in padding the consequences of economic cycles. The payment of tax in Republic of India created is formed in line with the provisions made underneath the tax Act.

According to the Indian tax laws, financial gain from the subsequent sources is deemed taxable:

1. Salaries
2. Financial gain from house property
3. Profits and gains of business or profession
4. Capital gains
5. Financial gain from alternative sources

The total of financial gain from all the sources higher than is calculated in line with the provisions of tax Act. The tax rates in India vary in line with the earnings of a personal and square measure mentioned as tax slabs. These tax rates square measure revised once a year throughout the budget.

Income tax is calculated on an annual basis. It’s levied on the financial gain earned within the previous year that is additionally referred to as the Assessment Year. Within the eyes of the law, the year begins on the first of April during a given year and ends on the thirty first of March of the subsequent year.

For the year 2018-2019, the tax deadlines square measure as follows:-

• 31st of July – Last Date of come filling for non-audit cases
• 30th September – Last Date of come filling for audit cases

Income Tax Filing for Salaried People

Salaried people will file their tax returns basis their kind sixteen. Most of their financial gain details square measure mentioned in their kind sixteen issued by their employers. Our orientate kind sixteen can assist you perceive all regarding the importance and filing with the assistance of kind sixteen.

Documents needed for tax filing

There square measure completely different documents needed for tax filing that require to be unbroken prepared before you file your taxes. These embody kind sixteen, Form 16A, investment receipts and proofs. Browse our orientate document listing that may assist you be able to file taxes.

Income tax block rates:

Indian tax laws, tax people per completely different block rates of financial gain. The fundamental exemption limit is Rs a pair of 50,000. Tax department charges completely different tax slabs at the rates starting from 100% up to half-hour. Our orientate tax block rates can justify these well. You’ll be able to simply estimate your liabilities by mistreatment our tax calculator and acumen abundant taxes you owe to the govt.

Income tax returns (ITR):

Tax returns square measure a press release of your earnings from numerous sources of financial gain that embody the liabilities, details of tax paid, and alternative refunds that square measure eligible to receive from the govt. Our orientate that ITR to File can assist you opt for the right ITR kind for tax filing.

Claiming refund of taxes paid:

You are eligible for refunds to be claimed from the tax department just in case you have got paid excess taxes. These will be claimed on filing your tax returns. Once you have got claimed a refund, you would like to stay checking the standing of your refund to form positive that your refunds square measure attributable to your account in time. Our orientate tax refund can assist you perceive completely different standings of refund and understand your refund status.

Late filing of tax returns

It is necessary to file the tax returns before the point to avoid a penalty for non-filing of tax returns. Our orientate penalties and late filing fees for can assist you perceive the various charges levied by the govt.

Income tax filing procedure

With the introduction of e-Filing, tax Returns became easier and convenient. You’ll be able to e-File tax Returns from the comfort of your home or workplace at any hour of the day. You’ll be able to follow these easy steps to e-File tax Returns on-line. You’ll be able to browse the complete procedure in our guide to ‘e-filing tax returns on

What square measures the varied tax saving instruments?

There square measure several tax saving instruments that square measure used for tax exemptions underneath the varied sections of the tax Act. Investment in tax saving instruments is AN apt thanks to boost your wealth and save taxes at the same time. Our orientate section 80C can assist you perceive the varied ways that within which you will save taxes. Except this, you'll be able to additionally save taxes by investment in insurance, and our orientate section 80-D explains this well.

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